Saturday, December 29, 2007

Going Live Wednesday

I decided to blog about the music I collected when I was a small child, rather than write about more well-known music that I have enjoyed over the years, because every song I will feature this year has a strong memory linked to it. Most people associate certain songs with specific times, places, or people. All of my upcoming blog songs relate to my home, but they relate in bittersweet ways to events that are long past and to people who are no longer alive. How many memories can you attach to 104 songs? I'll tell you in December of 2008.

I look forward to sharing the music, the stories, and the responses of my readers. 2008 will be an excellent year for me, thanks in part to this blog and the community that is forming around it.

Look for the first big post on Wednesday, January 2, 2008. It will be a bit long, because I have to set the background for the whole year. After that first post, the essays should look less daunting length-wise. The music will almost always be a bit out of the mainstream.

See you Wednesday!

Seán Dwyer (caithiseach)


Julie Hibbard said...

I am a HUGE music lover and have all of my old 45s too! I will be putting you on my Google Reader so I can read you each day! I have written quite a few posts about good song lyrics and memories linked to fabulous music.
I can beat just about anyone at "Name that Tune"...well, probably not you!
Can't wait to read!

caithiseach said...

Julie, thanks for the comment. You are the first to do so, and I will NOT forget it. I don't know how you found my post so fast, but thanks. I'll peruse your blog now.