Friday, June 6, 2008

Hanna Bar Boooo Ra

I'm writing from Philadelphia. I spent the day with Bobb Goldsteinn, the composer of "Washington Square," which I profiled twice already. I spent the evening on South Street, and I'd have to say that, if everyone got along as well as the diverse crowd on South Street did tonight, we would be a far better nation for it.

I'm in the computer room at the Holiday Inn. I tried to write this post last night, when I would have time to research what I was doing. I couldn't get any internet service last night, so I am going to be mercifully brief and give you a song with a minimalist story.

Following up on the Sterling Holloway CDs I discussed last time, I want to mention another LP that was aimed at kids and contained the audio portion of a video production.

Hanna-Barbera produced this one as a spinoff of sorts from The Flintstones. Sooper Snooper and Blabber Mouse starred in Monster Shindig. I lost the LP in the Great Vinyl Meltdown of 1972, but a guy on eBay was making copies of it available on CD a couple of years ago.

With a premise similar to that of "Monster Mash," but probably as a precursor to the Pickett tune, Monster Shindig was fun-creepy rather than downright scary. (I'll get to the scary records as Halloween approaches.) I can't give you a ton of details on the LP right now, because people could line up and want this PC at any moment, so I'd best just give you the song and go to my room.

Consider this post a space-holder until I get home and am able to provide a more profound look at the LP. Now you know how I write when my research tools are all locked up.

Have a great weekend, and expect a somewhat more detailed post on a Broadway musical phenomenon on Wednesday. See you then!

Monster Shindig:

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