Friday, January 18, 2008

Name That Tune, Part 2! Win Money!

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I didn’t expect to inject much day-to-day life info into this blog, but I can’t refrain from telling you that, as I post today’s words, the temperature here is -10 Fahrenheit (-23 C), with a wind chill of -32 F (-35 C). Tonight’s actual low temperature will be -19 F (-28 C). And the wind keeps blowing; tonight’s wind chill will be -45 F (-42 C). It’s so bad we’ve reached that rare point where the temperature sounds worse in Fahrenheit than in Celsius. I’m sure the Manitobans who sent the cold this way don’t even notice such toasty temperatures, but I’m staying home tomorrow.

I was hoping this post would be redundant. On Wednesday I posted the story of a 45 that lost its label, and I hoped someone would tell me the name of that song. Then, obviously, that person would either tell me the name of the song I’m discussing now, or I would have enough information to figure it out on my own.

So far, no luck. I’m hoping someone will recognize this song and help me work out the name of the other side. Perhaps these two posts will be akin to putting a message in a bottle and dropping it in the ocean; a reader six months from now may say, “Duh, that’s _____ by _____.” And won’t I feel silly for not remembering that title from 1965, when the label fell off?

I said on Wednesday that the other song appealed to five-year-old caithiseach because it was bouncy and quirky. That same little boy put today’s song on the turntable and rolled his eyes when the grandiose piano started. I don’t remember ever playing the entire song. It was too movie-mushy for me. From an adult perspective, I find the song more tolerable. But then, I have made myself listen to a lot of different types of music and have grown to tolerate just about everything.

In my search for the title, I realized that this song has the feel of the theme from One-Eyed Jacks by Ferrante & Teicher, but their personal manager says this song is not one of their recordings; there’s just one piano playing.

The only data I have on the song would be the matrix number, which is 1008, with these extra characters marked sideways on the runout area: X X 27 R.

Apart from repeating parts of my Wednesday post, all I can say is that I hope someone digs up the title of this recording, so I can stop spending time and energy thinking about it. Of course, at that point I’ll start looking for a CD transfer of the songs. Sheesh.

Good luck! The $50 reward for naming both titles and artists still holds.

Next time, there will be another instrumental, but that one has a title, a surprisingly famous one. See you Wednesday, when the temperature here will still be -13 F.

Mystery 45, song B

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Julie Hibbard said...

Well, I listened and hoped that I would be able to NAME THAT TUNE for you! But, I guess have truly met my match...
I can't even imagine what -45 could possibly feel like. I believe that it is +45 here (is that 90 degrees difference?) and I am freezing!
Hope someone comes through for you with the song title. I am sure that would warm you up a bit...